About Me

Joshywood Crafting is located in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, WA.

It all started as early as I can remember by being fascinated by watching the PBS shows ‘This Old House’ and ‘New Yankee Workshop’, leaving me longing to design and build. However, I was without the space, tools, and knowledge of how to do so. So I focused my creativity in other areas, such as photography, drawing, film making. All the while, learning and being inspired through the means of YouTube, from such creators as Adam SavageJimmy Diresta, and Mathew Perks .  And then the moment came when I had the space, the tools, and the know-how, or at least a small amount, to feel confident about my journey into woodworking in 2014.

Since then, I’ve built things as small as chopsticks, and as large as garden / wedding aches. Every project had its own challenges. Solving each challenge has furthered my knowledge, and inspired me to keep making.

If you have a project that you are looking to making a reality, contact me. I am always up for a new challenge.